Maintenance is an integral factor in ensuring high availability of your equipment and has a significant impact on the business continuity of a company. A well-maintained IT environment prevents technology roadblocks that hinder productivity and overall efficiency. Tricubes recognises the importance of support and maintenance and has a proven track record and expertise in repair and rework services which extend widely across a range of systems and equipment. Tricubes engineers manage the lifecycle of physical assets to maximise their use, improve quality and efficiency, at competitive prices. Our experience and engineering capabilities has put us in a unique position to address customer requirements.

With our very own customer relationship management system, call center and nationwide support, you can rest assured that Tricubes will not only provide your business with high quality support and services, but also ensure you get the most out of your IT resources.

Desktop System Maintenance
  • Comprehensive maintenance of desktop equipment including laptop/notebook, PC, projector and printer tailored to requirements.
  • Complete solution for supporting and managing the overall performance of each desktop equipment in the organization.
  • Ensures that your computers and other desktop products are highly available, malware free and protected from viruses.
Biometrics System Maintenance
  • Support and maintain our own brand and a range of other popular Biometrics systems such as PIDEON, SAGEM and SUPREMA.
  • Full range of products from readers, mobile readers to stand-alone door access and fully integrated access control installations.
  • Technical support and services for all Smart Terminal and Pin Pads.
  • Supply, design installation of advanced Access Control Systems, which may require Biometric Control as part of and extensive integrated security network.and
Maintenance of Smartphones and Mobile Devices
  • Comprehensive support services to diagnose and resolve issues for smartphones, mobile devices and tablet.
  • Includes but not limited to:
    • Software updates or driver issues
    • Installing, updating and maintaining application software
    • Diagnosing and fixing Android / Apple IOS errors.
    • Advice on hardware faults and Level 2 repairs.
    • Backing up and restoring your data.
      Campus Wide Integrated Security system
      • Comprehensive maintenance support for campus wide security system for integrated building management and building security system involving distributed architecture and a combination of different security systems :
      • Surveillance systems, indoor and outdoor
        • Access controls
        • Fire alarm systems
        • Vehicle and pedestrian barrier gates
        • Electric perimeter fence
        • Intelligent perimeter floodlight management
        • Security operation and control center
        • Secure fibre optics network
        • Metal detectors and x-ray machines