Payment and identity verification are the two common functions in many mobile payment terminal applications.

There are various types of handheld terminals available in the market and choosing the right one can be crucial to your business.

We have narrowed down the available options and found the best in the market which, amongst others, is Tricubes’ very own smart terminal – the T1040i.

T1040i – Mobile Payment Terminal 

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Tricubes’ T1040i is a rugged mobile payment terminal with distinctive features and functionalities.

This multifunctional invention is the latest high performance handheld computer which has been designed for mobile payment, identity verification as well as a digital signature.

As the T1040i is wireless and has a built-in battery, it can be used without connection to other devices i.e. a laptop or personal computer.

That said, unlike other similar devices, it is operable on its own. This feature makes it efficient, convenient and easy to use.

Here’s what you need to know about the T1040i:

Physical Features

With an approximate size of an iPhone 6S, the T1040i’s physical design makes handling easy and mobile.

It is further enhanced with the placement of LED backlight and installation of a 3 x 5 numeric backlit keypad which includes four programmable function keys. 

The T1040i can be integrated with a thermal printer that is equipt with graphic capabilities. Excluding paper roll for printer usage, this device weighs a mere 445g.  


Its human interface features a user-friendly 2.8” inch colour touch screen. Communication-wise, this device is incorporated with Microsoft Windows, for easy usage.


Identity verification is ensured to run smoothly with its optical biometric finger scanner.

Scanned fingerprints are validated by the T1040i’s authentication feature, which upon validation, is instantaneously matched with the stored data. 

The T1040i accepts both types of payment; contact and contactless payment. Payments can be made with a secure and flexible connection.

With its durable, shock-proof and rugged-built, the durable T1040i can withstand harsh operating environments.

Comparison To Other Payment Terminals In The Market

Most mobile smart terminals have similar functionalities. They can indeed be used as mobile payment terminals as well as used for identity verification. However, the T1040i stands out due to its unique multifunction features.

We have taken the liberty of summarising the important specifications you should know when considering which mobile handheld terminal to go for.

The most important factors to consider are the operating system of the device, the reader type, memory, interface, as well as any additional features specific to your business.

Upon comparing a few well-known mobile payment terminals based on a few key features, the following inferences can be made:


The T1040i leads the pack in being user-friendly. With a sleek design, backlit keypad and a built-in optical biometric finger scanner, T1040i is a breeze to use.

The sealed keypad also makes it more durable and well protected from damage. Not to mention it is incredibly easy to store.

Other similar devices are relatively sizeable in build and make a case for handling. Hence, they are not as handy and easy to use for both merchants and customers.

The absence of fingerprint scanners and thermal printers in some other devices makes them more suitable for only payment, and less for identity verification.


Performance-wise, the T1040i takes home the gold as its security protocol is emphasized more seriously than other similar devices.

Despite running on Windows CE, we were surprised at how high-performing this device is. We look forward to conducting speed and performance testing for the T1040i after future upgrades.

The Pricing

Price wise, you’ll get your buck’s worth with the T1040i. With its vast range of functions and key features, its price is considered to be very affordable compared to other devices which do not even equate in terms of functionalities.

T1040i – Our Preferred Mobile Integrated Terminal

Well, the choice is always yours. Devices are made different to accommodate your requirements and preferences.

It is advisable that you analyse what you are looking for in a mobile handheld terminal and consider all the above-stated factors before purchasing.

We highly recommend the T1040i if you want a device that is handy, reliable, durable and easy to operate.

If you are a financial institution looking for an integrated terminal, T1040i is undoubtedly the wisest option as it aims to reduce the cost of generating PIN mailers. 

All in all, we hope this review has given you clearer insights and shines some light on choosing the right mobile handheld payment terminal for your business.

To get your hands on this one-of-a-kind device or to learn more about Tricubes’ mobile handheld terminal products, you can directly contact Tricubes Customer Service Hotline today.