Business owners are often preoccupied with finding ways to expand their business. Traditionally, these business owners choose to spend money on advertising or other marketing strategies.

However, there are several IT services that can help boost business growth in this digital age.

According to Gartner, IT services refer to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organisations in the creation, management and optimisation of or access to information and business processes. It can be segmented by the type of skills employed to deliver that service.

IT services are technology functions that offer support and management. It is necessary to keep your business running at its peak performance, based on the needs of the organisation, there are countless IT services you can opt for.


Examples of Information Technology Services

By hiring an IT company or external partners, you can use information technology without managing complexities such as maintenance, security, scalability and resilience. Among the common examples of IT services are:


1. Network security

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Internet access offers various benefits, but it also comes with security risks. Cyber-security is a major concern to all businesses as well as personal data. 

The main purpose of network security is to prevent unauthorised access to a computer network’s resources. This include firewalls, anti-virus software and, built-in VPNs.


2. Software support

Different organisations require different software to suit their nature of business. A specific type of software can be utilised to attend technical issues of your business. Software applications help organisations in advancing system capabilities.


3. Data storage 

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It refers to a platform for companies to store data. IT services provide a cloud platform or on-premise storage for system backups or as additional storage. In the event of disaster, cloud backup solutions certainly come in handy.


4. Database management

A database is a system that is used to monitor and access data. It includes various information, sales and finances. IT companies manage databases to ensure compliance, security and performance of data-driven applications.

Database management also may include data visualisation and data analysis to produce meaningful information.


5. Hardware instalment

An IT company that offers various services usually provides hardware instalment. The setup of hardware appliances must come along with the software applications. Both corrective and preventive maintenance is also something that should not be overlooked. 


How do IT services benefit business growth?

As aforementioned, information technology can help to boost business growth in Malaysia in many ways:

  • Helps to lessen manpower by providing automated systems
  • Increase productivity by reducing workloads that involve miscellaneous tasks
  • More time to focus on more important core business processes
  • Allows organisations to use information technology without managing complexities such as maintenance, security, scalability and resilience

IT services by Tricubes 

Tricubes is a leading technology company that provides technology solutions for organisations. It aims to assist organisations to adapt quickly to the changing business environment.

As an IT company in Malaysia, Tricubes offers various services. They specialise in identity authentication solutions, enterprise mobility solutions and IT maintenance services.


Case studies done by Tricubes

1. Patrol-man mobile application

This application works as a solution for issuance and processing of traffic offences for City Hall of Kuala Lumpur (DBKL).

It is responsible for parking enforcement and helps enforcement officers ensure the well-being and smooth running of the city.

It replaces the troublesome manual notice book for issuing summons and makes the information free from data entry errors.

It is an effective system that improves the efficiency of the notice issuance.

2. Web portal in smart buildings

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VADS Lyfe has opted for the latest technologies to replicate the Smart City concept and incorporated a smart building solution for their premises.

Tricubes Smart Building solution is the first step into the smart city experience.

It is an integrated system that manages meeting room bookings, car park arrangements as well as reporting features.

It automates the traditional way of manual bookings and increases productivity within the premises.

To learn more about Tricubes solutions, contact our customer service hotline today.