Integrated MyKad Payment Terminal – A Comprehensive Review

Payment and identity verification are the two common functions in many mobile payment terminal applications. There are various types of handheld terminals available in the market and choosing the right one can be crucial to your business. We have narrowed down the available options and found the best in the

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banking industry in malaysia

Information Technology (IT) in the Banking Industry in Malaysia

The banking industry in Malaysia has a significant role in Malaysia’s economic growth. Banks frequently attempt to maintain great customer experience through providing excellent services and reducing operating costs.  The industry also constantly innovates concurrently with technological developments of telecommunications and information technology (IT). Following the innovation and digitalisation, as

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mykad reader

Biometrics MyKad Reader: The Complete Comparison

In today’s increasingly connected financial ecosystem, identity theft is a serious issue that can happen to anyone. It is a theft of someone’s personal information to gain access to their financial resources and personal information.  With your personal information in the wrong hands, unlawful withdrawal of funds from your bank

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IT Services Boost Business Growth in Malaysia

Business owners are often preoccupied with finding ways to expand their business. Traditionally, these business owners choose to spend money on advertising or other marketing strategies. However, there are several IT services that can help boost business growth in this digital age. According to Gartner, IT services refer to the

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smart card reader

The Functionality of Smart Card Reader

Understanding the functionality of smart card reader is crucial for security system, business and identity proof. The Definition of Smart Card Reader. A smart card is a type of chip card that contains a built-in computer chip that can either be a memory or microprocessor type. Its two main functions

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Why Passwords Are Outdated And Biometrics Are The Better Solution?

In the battle of personal identity verification, biometrics have finally reigned supreme over passwords. The reason is simple; biometrics can ensure greater security for personal information. It also provides customers with a more seamless experience in the digital environment of smartphones, tablets, sensors, and other devices. It’s become clear that

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